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"Nurturing Intelligences"

Bohol Child Head Start is an institution that recognizes and respects the innate tendencies and individuality of each child while uncovering and nurturing his/her potential/intelligences by providing a developmentally appropriate environment and tasks.

Courses Offered

Play and Learn

The Level 1 curriculum is suited for children aged 2.0 -2.11 years old. Apart from the activities they are exposed in the previous level, they are taught independence and detachment from their parents and yayas as they begin to build a bond with their teacher and do things on their own.


All our grade school curriculum are K-12 compliant. Moreover, it observes ability grouping wherein fast learners are given additional activities or worksheets while the teacher facilitates those who are lagging behind in the group. Hence we ensure optimum learning despite individual differences.

Special Intervention Program

SPECIAL EDUCATION - Peer Mediated INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION - Group Instruction or Pre-Mainstream Phase - Mainstream Phase - Transition Phase OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSESSMENT TUTORIAL

Projects and Programs

Bohol Child Head Start’s thrust— to nurture the intelligences of each child..