Advisory: March 12, 2020

As per National Directive from DEPED on COVID-19 social distancing measures. Our school will observe the following:

1. Classes are already suspended after the 4th quarterly exam.

2. All remaining school requirements shall be given as home-based assignments.

3. Students from Elementary to Junior High shall only come to school on March 27 for submission of output and signing of clearance.

4. On March 27,
grades 1 – 3 shall come in the morning and grades 4 up to Junior High shall come in the afternoon.

5. Grade 6 and Kindergarten learners’ last day in school is today (March 12), hence they will not comeback to school tomorrow.

6. As to graduation and recognition rites please keep posted for more updates.

All of these are parts of our effort to minimize our exposure to the disease. Please be guided accordingly.