Bohol Child Head Start’s ninth stage play entitled A Christmas With Grandma is a fun learning experience for everyone especially the preschoolers, first and second graders.

What a great way to spend Friday the Thirteenth with friends family at Island City Mall’s Activity Center by watching kids perform The Mittens and Three Little Pigs.

Stage play provides a fun avenue for students to learn values namely discipline, patience and various skills such as singing, dancing, and acting. Having this experience can open opportunities to develop self confidence and expose students to theater and arts.

After a month long practice and preparation, this year’s stage play is a success due to the effort and support of the parents, teachers, and school administrators. It definitely takes a village to raise a child.


by Rixel Rashid Manimtim

Intelligence. What comes to our mind when we hear the word? Almost all of us think about it being academically advanced. Some do not know that there are different intelligences. I will be honest. I never knew about that, not until I had my CHILD experience.

It was a flaming hot summer day. I was lying down my bed with my phone two or three inches away from my face. I still remember the gadget falling flat on my face after my cousin, Owee came through the door smashing the wall. He told me that it was lunch time, so I scurried down the stairs.

While eating lunch, my mom suddenly asked me where would I want to study for my year in 4th Grade. I did not answer her. At the end of the table, my auntie suggested that I study at Owee’s school, Bohol Child Head Start. I felt very unsure and hesitant. I do not really like meeting new faces. My mom asked for my answer. Unsure, I just stared at her and raised my shoulders. I only had two weeks to decide and since my cousin persuaded me, I decided to get enrolled here in Bohol Child Head Start (BCHS).

It was one of the best decisions I have made.

When I stepped through the widely open school gate, I felt my legs trembling, my heart pounding and my tummy had butterflies in it. I hurried on over to the line of new faces at the flag raising area. Gosh! How embarrassing it was! I was the only one in our class who was late. Even after the ceremony, I was still shaking at our room, until one of my classmates approached me. He was one of the first friends I have made here in CHILD and now is one of the best. I got through my first day and eventually, my first year. Fourth grade was one of my best years here in CHILD, so I decided to stay. Up to today, here I am.

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to stay is because I like the school’s mission: To nurture every kid’s intelligence. It’s probably one of the reasons why I wrote up this feature article. I discovered my different smarts and what’s better is that I get to develop it. From academics, to bodily kinesthetics, they nurture almost all possible intelligences. every after class, the learners head on to their respective Program for Excellence (PEX). These are also implemented during class through the wide range of activities and projects. Through all these and more, our potentials slowly show.

Another reason why I decided to stay here at BCHS is because the environment is 100% learner friendly. What could be better than a school by the hillside with shady trees and a cool breeze? The place feels so fresh.

The main reason why I decided to stay is because of the school’s culture. Here, I feel welcome. The teachers, kuya, and ate do not seem intimidating and strict. In class, I usually laugh a lot because my teachers make the lessons fun. No, we do not make fun of the topic, it’s just that the teachers are very entertaining. The staff are also very accommodating. To me, they are also teachers. I feel like every learner here is equal to each other and every single person is given importance.

To add, another thing I also really like is when we get recognition, even if what we did was just small and was not a big deal. Through my years here, I remained upright and positive. I never felt depression, because who has time for that when you have loads of tasks to do?

I really feel good here. You are accepted. Whatever race, status and background you have, you are accepted.

Staying here was worth it. One of the best decisions I have made in my student life. Through my stay here, I have learned the Childian way. From my first day here and onward, I will be always Childian all the way!

You rock, CHILDians of the Month!

The school’s in a buzz from the many activities since June but we never fail to recognize our outstanding students who have shown and exemplified the CHILDian character of being Cheerful, Honest, Inquisitive, a Leader, and a Doer.

Here’s the inside story of how these young students prove that “beauty catches attention but character catches the heart”…


CHILDians of the MONTH - JUNE


At five (5) year’s old (and a newbie in BCHS), Lexie knows already the values of hard work and leadership. She takes her tasks seriously and finishes them on time. Twice awarded as CHILDian of the Week in her class for the month of June, she never hesitates to help her classmates and assists those who are in need especially during writing time. She is also cheerful and a good listener. She is indeed the “Little Teacher” in her class and she deserved to be awarded as the CHILDian of the Month!


Many would have attest her consistency in being a Doer and a Leader CHILDian. She has been a dependable girl and has led her class in many endeavors (past and present). Now in Grade 3 and twice awarded as CHILDian of the Week in her class, Andhel proves to be a good model to her fellow CHILDians who are also working hard to show positive behaviors in school. You’re worth emulating for, Andhel!  The elementary department is so proud of you!

CHILDians of the MONTH - JULY

Here’s comes July and everybody’s excited to know who would be the deserving awardees to spend “Ice Cream Time with the Principal” (yes, no kidding!)


Aya, as she is fondly called by family and friends, started on a rough note when she was enrolled as a Kindergartner in BCHS. Being a transferee and a late enrollee added to her discomfort. She has difficulty in attention regulation (cannot focused on tasks/activities) and would just roam around the classroom to entertain herself. In short, she wouldn’t joined the group and her teacher expressed these concerns, to help Aya as early as possible. That was the constant scenario last June.

However, in mid-July, Aya started to show significant behavioral changes — she can sit down and complies to tasks given to her, may it be reading, writing, or boardwork activities. Her attention and self-regulation have definitely improved and is still improving now, earning her the coveted CHILDian of the Month Award for July! Truly, not all children starts on a good note at the beginning, but some really transcends as extraordinary! Keep it up, Aya!


This Grade 3 student is a humble and silent worker. She has been one of the weekly CHILDian awardees when she showed that honesty is one great virtue – especially when it comes to scores. Although it was to her advantage, Ellah chose to do the right thing and approach her teacher of the discrepancy, and this happened twice. Not only that, she is also honest to admit if she could not understand some of the concepts/lessons introduced and would always participate in class discussion.

As young as she is, Ellah showed that being honest, inquisitive, and responsible in dealing with tasks, are great behaviors to copy from. You’re awesome Ellah!

JAN CELINE LAGUNA- Special Intervention (S.I.) Department

First time to include the S.I. Department in this monthly recognition, Celine has shown genuine care to her classmates and acted as the “Big Sister” to them. She would look after them and most of the times, she acts as the Assistant Teacher in class. Her initiative to do such was a simple yet a very sincere manifestation of how responsible she is as a student and as an individual. Great job, Celine!

You truly deserve to be recognized, CHILDians! Keep the passion for learning and bring along with it the values of a true CHILDian. Congratulations!

BCHS is looking for a TEACHER

BCHS is looking for a TEACHER who possess the following:

* Good oral and written communication skills

* Flexible and highly trainable

* Can work efficiently under pressure

* With a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education Major in English or Science

Submit your applications to the HR Personnel or at info@boholchild.com



I arrived for lunch last Friday with Oido, my 5 year old son, crying in his mommy’s office. I learned that she scolded him because he just barged in and accused her of something that she did not understand.


Only when I arrived did she realize that Oido was frustrated and angry because she lost the Father’s Day card he made from his class he gave to her. He wanted to surprise me and he lost that opportunity..


I was touched and was beaming with pride for my son. I felt so special and just embraced him and told him that I am more than surprised. And when we found the present, he showed me what he wrote on it: “I love you Daddy”.


These are the moments when being a father feels so extraordinary. Although when it comes to raising children and being a parent, most of the attention goes to Moms. That is very understandable. Mommies are the ones who endured pregnancy, labor, nursing, and all others.


But does this put Daddy’s role at the sidelines? Not the least. In fact research suggests that Dads are important in a number of ways. First, Daddy’s presence in a household is associated with fewer behavioral problems in children. For instance, children raised in homes without fathers are at a greater risk for delinquent behavior and committing a crime than children raised in homes where the father is present.



Relatedly, girls raised in families without a father are more likely to become pregnant as teenagers than those who live with your fathers. There is also evidence that children who have two parents in the home are more likely to do well in school for the help and encouragement they get from both parents.


But the most convincing evidence of how important Dads are come from research on Dads interaction with their kids. Dads’ interactions with their kids differ from that of mothers. They play differently, that is, they tend to play more physical than mothers do. And they tend to encourage children to take more risks than moms do. Does it make a difference?


Research suggests that paternal physical play is associated with positive outcomes for children. Dad’s encouragement for risk taking allows children to do things on their own. Because most Dads tend to provide a safe and secure environment with supervision, they encourage their kids not to be afraid to try new things.


In general, Dads are necessary for raising happy and healthy children. Their roles are very significant in the home and cannot be relegated just to anyone.

This Father’s Day, here are some more tips for all Dads out there to enhance their impact on their children. First, Dads can show more emotions and vulnerability. Let go of the stoic type and learn to be more of a feeling person.


Second, Dads can begin to truly listen and empathize. In most households, Dad’s voice is the rule. But when Dad begins to lend a listening ear from the heart, it can make relationships much better.


And lastly, Dads can be more affectionate. Most Dads are allergic to physical affection that is why children tend not to open up to them. But when Dads become more affectionate by hugging and kissing, and embracing their children, it melts barriers and foster emotional bonds.


Happy Father’s Day!