We’re Looking For You!

We are looking for:

  • A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in TLE
  • A graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education major in Special Education
  • computer savvy
  • flexible
  • can work under less supervision
  • can work under pressure
  • good oral communication skills
  • good written communication skills
Send your resume to bchs.hrd@gmail.com

We’re Looking For You!

We are hiring!

  • A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in English, Math, Filipino, TLE, or Science.
  • A graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Content Course or Early Childhood Education
  • computer savvy
  • flexible
  • can work under less supervision
  • can work under pressure
  • good oral communication skills
  • good written communication skills

bchs.hrd@gmail.com |  Send Us A Message


[For those enrolled in Modular/Homeschooling(Full or Blended) only]

1. Please send the following information: Student’s Full Name, Parent’s Full Name, and Parents email address to boholchildcenter@gmail.com

2. Check your email for an invitation to join.

3. Click the sent link to continue setting up your account. (Input an account name, password, and tick agree to the data privacy consent.)

4. Welcome to the BCHS-VSMART HMS!

Here, you will be able to update the school of your kid’s performance status in accomplishing our homeschooling kit.

Step-by-step Online Enrollment Flow

1. Go to www.boholchild.com

2. Read and Agree on enrollment contract.

3. Click enroll now and fill out needed information, then click Save.
Please note:
~Class name and its equivalent:
Nursery 1 – Early Head Start 2 ( for 2 yrs old until September)
Nursery 2 – Early Head Start 3 (for 3 yrs old until September)
Bubbles – Pre-K (for 4 yrs old until September)
Kinder – Kinder (for 5 yrs old until September)

For Preschool enrollee, just leave blank the LRN field.

~ Enroll in the following class:
Junior Casa – SpEd G.I.

~Please tick the OLD button
~You do not have to upload PSA birth cert anymore if you already have submitted one before in school
~LRN can be seen in your kid’s report card
~The only requirement for enrollment is the Report Card and Parent’s/Guardian’s FB acct name (so we can invite you to our official advisory group)

~ Please tick NEW
~ The following requirements need to be uploaded:
PSA Birth Certificate
Good Moral Certificate
Student’s 2×2 Picture
FB Account Name
Report Card

4. Submit Enrollment Form.

5. Check email for verification,then click link (View payment).

6. Fill out needed information in the Select Payment Plan section, then submit. For bank payment, upload proof of deposit. For GCash, send screenshot of the receipt and wait for the confirmation.
Please note:
~ The school offers 2-3 payment modes. Please pay the amount of your choice (editable). Only those who have paid the enrollment fee are completely and officially enrolled.

7. Done enrollment process.

Here's an enrollment Walk-through video.

Letter from the President


Dearest CHILDian Family,

Greetings of health and safety!

This pandemic which brought all the world nearly to a standstill, has significantly changed the way we deal with things and live our lives. And rightly so, the “normal” we knew before may still be at the horizon, behooving all of us, to adapt and make the best of what we currently have.

Given our situation, your BCHS Team has made consultations and meetings to creatively and effectively continue the education of our students, taking into consideration the limitations of physical contact and actual presence in school.

Hence, we have decided to go online initially in the delivery of our classes. But before we did so, we conducted several run-throughs to make sure that indeed our online system, methods, and most especially pedagogy, will deliver the most efficient and effective outcome of nurturing the intelligences of our dear learners.

This May 13, 2020, we will commence online enrollment for all levels (please visit www.boholchild.com). Opening of classes is tentatively set on July 1, 2020. In between this period, we will conduct free actual online classes and gatherings, inviting all CHILDians enrolled during the last school year to join, so that they can have a foretaste of how it will be during the current school year.

Since our students will operate with a visual classroom, we enjoin the participation and support of the parents especially for our Early Head Start to Kinder programs. Truly, this can become an exciting time, facilitating a stronger bond between caregiver and the child.

We still all look forward to the day when we can gradually make students come back to school and meet their classmates face-to-face in the flesh. Hopefully, this will commence on August 24, 2020 as announced by the Department of Education, following all protocols for safety and health.

But until then, the best avenue we have is to teach them virtually and help them become independent learners as they navigate the beautiful world online.

In the coming days, we will be releasing advisories elucidating more clearly how our new school year will go about.

Please visit our website www.boholchild.com or our FB page. For any more questions regarding our online set up, you can still text or call our numbers or message via email or messenger.

For the meantime, see you all online!



ADVISORY No. 1 s. A.Y 2020-2021

Dear CHILDians,

As we continue to confront the issues brought about by the pandemic, the BCHS Administration is conducting meetings and consultations in preparation for an online enrollment, which will be available for access starting Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Subsequently, we are also preparing for the eventual new learning set-up which highlights online delivery.

BCHS reiterates its commitment in ensuring the health, safety and well-being of of our learners, teachers and personnel in the time of COVID-19 while finding ways for quality education fit for 21st century learners to continue for the upcoming school year amidst the crisis.

Advisory: March 12, 2020

As per National Directive from DEPED on COVID-19 social distancing measures. Our school will observe the following:

1. Classes are already suspended after the 4th quarterly exam.

2. All remaining school requirements shall be given as home-based assignments.

3. Students from Elementary to Junior High shall only come to school on March 27 for submission of output and signing of clearance.

4. On March 27,
grades 1 – 3 shall come in the morning and grades 4 up to Junior High shall come in the afternoon.

5. Grade 6 and Kindergarten learners’ last day in school is today (March 12), hence they will not comeback to school tomorrow.

6. As to graduation and recognition rites please keep posted for more updates.

All of these are parts of our effort to minimize our exposure to the disease. Please be guided accordingly.