Frequently Asked Questions

Online learning is using digital modalities such as the computer and the internet to facilitate the teaching and learning process. It may constitute solely of virtual interaction of teacher and students or a blending of both virtual and scheduled face-to-face activities.

With the restrictions imposed by the government on face-to-face interaction in schools, BCHS deemed it necessary to continue providing quality education through innovative ways. Online/Digital learning is practically the leading methodology that will provide the teacher and student’s real time interaction and creative teaching using technology as a platform.

After the child is enrolled online successfully, she will now become part of an official online group of the whole BCHS family as well as a special group in her grade level. Communication regarding schedules, announcements, and the like will be posted in this group. Classes will be conducted using a learning platform that will require the student to log in into the internet and interact with her teacher and classmates using this platform.

The same role as you always had; a guide, supporter, and nurturer. Since this is new to us, adjustment is expected. Even if your child will stay at home for the classes, it does not mean less preparation as when she actually goes to school. It might even require more prodding and guidance to minimize getting too convenient of learning at home.

There are two levels of preparation; physical and psychological.  Physically, you need to prepare the materials and equipment needed for this new endeavor. A stable internet connection and gadget preferably laptop or tablet. A cellphone will do but the options might be limited and will hamper full participation and appreciation in the learning. We suggest that you put up a “classroom” in your house where your child can do her classes with all the equipment comfortably placed.

At the psychological level, preparedness to adjust and learn new things are important. Because this is using technology, navigation at first may be difficult and will breed frustration and disappointment. This is very normal. All we need to do is continue to find ways to address the different concerns that will crop up. In due time, everything will go smoothly.

Log on to www. and click on the enrolment pop up or button. There you will be led to a series of steps to enrol. For Old Students, the most important requirement will be your report card. For new students, additional requirements will be asked such as PSA Birth Certificate, Report Card, Good moral Certificate, and student’s picture. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Yes. We firmly believe that Education is not only cognitive development but a whole person development that would require person to person interaction. As soon as the quarantine is lifted and schools are allowed to open (initially by August 24, 2020 as announced by DEPED), we will gradually blend face-to-face interaction with online learning. In other words, there will be days that students will report to school and days they stay at home for the online learning.

Classes start on July 1, 2020. It will end on April 30, 2021. We start July so we do not have to do make-up classes on Saturdays in order to meet the required number of school days.

Enrolment, with a special arrangement, can be done in school. However, as soon as classes start on July 1, 2020, a stable internet connection is required to be able to participate in the classes.

Yes. We are opening classes that will cater to children as young as 2 years old. Our Early Head Start program will still be a play and learn format done virtually. But since our teachers cannot be physically present, we require the parents or guardian to be assistant facilitators in the process. They will be oriented to their important role before the start of classes.

Yes. Contents and activities of the lesson will still come from the book although it will be supplemented more with other online materials such as videos, articles, and other files.

Yes. Your BCHS administration has set dates before July 1 for an online gathering and activities open to all students previously enrolled. You can also invite others to join. Dates will be announced through an advisory in our website and FB Page.

It will be a half day class. Some grade levels will have it in the morning while others will be assigned in the afternoon. The class will run for about 2- 3 hrs with breaks in between.

No. Grade school and high school will have online class for 2-3 hours. Preschool classes will be shortened to 1 hr per session.

Yes and No. Yes, especially during the time when they attend class. But after this, they can work on non-computer based activities. In order to meet a standard competency set by DepEd, students will be given home delights (offline assignments) and performance tasks to be done offline. Hence, their day will be a combination of online and offline works.

Definitely, yes. We make sure that our online class set-up will be as close as the physical. But with technology and the internet at hand, teachers and students can take advantage in making the best out of what they have.

We will be using 3 major platforms: The whiteboard (live classroom), the Learning Management System, and the Test platform. The whiteboard is a teleconferencing set-up. So, yes, the students can interact with the teacher and their classmates live. The LMS, will serve as their non-live classroom where the teacher post his/her assignments and tasks and other requirements or even the resource materials that the teacher used in his/her discussion. The students can also submit/upload their works here. The test platform, as the name suggests, is for formative/practice testing. Meaning, this contains the test exercises and other lesson reinforcers to check the students mastery of the lesson discussed.

Parent’s guidance is really encouraged in an online class to ensure that students attend class and are using the computer for its intended purpose at that given time. So, for working parents, we suggest you orient your kids about following routine so even if your out, you know that they will stick to their class schedule. Parents may also check their kids LMS to find out if the kid is performing his/her home delights.

For returning old students, the only requirement is the Report Card and payment of enrollment fees. For New Students, the following are required: Report Card, PSA Birthc Certificate, Good Moral Character, and 2×2 picture of the student, and FB Account name

As for those who do not have internet access, our option for you is a modular approach wherein parents will just get from the school the weekly kit for your kid and let your kid do this at home. Parents may assist their kid in understanding the concepts or call or message the teacher adviser for clarification. Just like the online class, students will start going to school when our situation allows it already.

Yes, definitely. You will still go through the same enrollment process and will belong to the grade level you enrolled. The teacher will make a special arrangement with you so that you will not be required anymore to come to school for some scheduled face-to-face interaction with other students.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us