Letter from the President


Dearest CHILDian Family,

Greetings of health and safety!

This pandemic which brought all the world nearly to a standstill, has significantly changed the way we deal with things and live our lives. And rightly so, the “normal” we knew before may still be at the horizon, behooving all of us, to adapt and make the best of what we currently have.

Given our situation, your BCHS Team has made consultations and meetings to creatively and effectively continue the education of our students, taking into consideration the limitations of physical contact and actual presence in school.

Hence, we have decided to go online initially in the delivery of our classes. But before we did so, we conducted several run-throughs to make sure that indeed our online system, methods, and most especially pedagogy, will deliver the most efficient and effective outcome of nurturing the intelligences of our dear learners.

This May 13, 2020, we will commence online enrollment for all levels (please visit www.boholchild.com). Opening of classes is tentatively set on July 1, 2020. In between this period, we will conduct free actual online classes and gatherings, inviting all CHILDians enrolled during the last school year to join, so that they can have a foretaste of how it will be during the current school year.

Since our students will operate with a visual classroom, we enjoin the participation and support of the parents especially for our Early Head Start to Kinder programs. Truly, this can become an exciting time, facilitating a stronger bond between caregiver and the child.

We still all look forward to the day when we can gradually make students come back to school and meet their classmates face-to-face in the flesh. Hopefully, this will commence on August 24, 2020 as announced by the Department of Education, following all protocols for safety and health.

But until then, the best avenue we have is to teach them virtually and help them become independent learners as they navigate the beautiful world online.

In the coming days, we will be releasing advisories elucidating more clearly how our new school year will go about.

Please visit our website www.boholchild.com or our FB page. For any more questions regarding our online set up, you can still text or call our numbers or message via email or messenger.

For the meantime, see you all online!