Online Forum

Dearest Parents:

We are inviting you to an Online Forum entitled: “Nurturing Intelligences: Navigating the New Normal the BCHS Way”. During this forum, we shall discuss the various learning modalities that are available for our students. This will also become an avenue for your queries ranging from methodologies, fees, and other related issues to be raised. This will be held via Zoom and the link will be sent to you later. Please be guided by the following dates:

June 2 (10am) – Preschool
June 3 (10am) – Elementary
June 4 (10am) – JH
June 5 (10am) – SPED

We hope you could spend some of your precious time to attend so you’ll be guided to choose the most flexible modality for your kids. With a little creativity and a will to overcome, we shall all heal as one, and learn as one too.

Thank you.