Our School Expectations


It is our belief that teaching our students how we expect them to behave should be given premium emphasis, most especially for younger students who are still in their habit-formation years. Giving them clear and positive instructions will allow them to have meaningful connections not only with their academic learning but also in their interactions with their peers, teachers, and other members of the school community. Further, teaching them these expectations is a central obligation not only for school personnel but of the families as well, as they are our number one partners in ensuring that quality and value-laden education is given to our children.

A CHILDian is..


A cheerful CHILD is a happy child. He seeks to look at the brighter side of things than give in to frustration. He engages in positive and respectful interactions with his peers, teachers, and other members of the school community.


He stands for the truth always. He doesn’t lie and cheat. He chooses to do the right thing even if no one is watching. He respects other’s belongings and takes care of his own.


For him, the universe is an unlimited pool of knowledge: yet to be discovered. He is curious and eager to learn. He takes responsibility for his own learning.


He inspires others by being a good example to them. He is always ready to lend a hand. He leads and participates in organizing activities in school that would help his fellow students.


He takes initiative. He does not wait until someone tells him to do the right thing. He can responsibly manage his time and materials by doing and completing his assigned tasks on schedule.