Positive Behavior Support

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CHILD-Positive Behavior Support (CHILD-PBS)

BCHS believes in Positive Behavior Support – which puts more emphasis on positive reinforcements of good behavior, rather than punishment. The school believes that a healthy and nurturing environment where students can positively grow in their individual uniqueness and gifts (multiple intelligences) is a must for holistic growth. Hence, our CHILD-Positive Behavior Support System. This is a three-tiered approach of preventing behaviors of concern in students, rewarding those who are able to display expected behavior and deciding how to deal with behaviors of concern after careful consideration of its cause/s.

At BCHS, we have a catch cry among teachers and staff to “catch them (students) being good”. And in our commitment to acknowledge positive behavior in school, we have created our own reward system which comes on weekly, monthly and bi-annual basis. Students who are able to display and imbibed the expected and appropriate behavior will be acknowledged through a system of reward. This is the core of the Tier 1 strategies.

However, in the event that a breach from expected behaviors happens (whether in class or outside settings), the teacher/s have the responsibility to exhaust all means to modify behaviors of concern, such as verbal reprimand, re-teaching of the expected behavior, praising when appropriate behavior is observed, and strengthen classroom management. Teachers may also refer students with behaviors of concern to the Guidance Office. Counseling and other individual/group interventions are the emphasis of the Tier 2 strategies.

For students who display extremely difficult/challenging behaviors that are pervasive across settings and have proven detrimental not only to the student but to the rest of the class, the student shall be pulled-out from the regular class and will be given a special intervention program.