Positive Behavior Support

CHILD-Positive Behavior Support (CHILD-PBS)

Bohol Child Head Start, in its desire to consolidate efforts in supporting our pupils’ behavior, has adapted Schoolwide-Positive Behavior Support, a comprehensive Australian education-based behavior support to pupils. At BCHS, we named the program as CHILD-PBS along with the changes we made after thorough discussion and brainstorming with the teachers and staff to customize and make the program fit to our existing culture and practices in school.

CHILD-PBS is not about prescribing one way to deal with a specific behavior, such as ‘when a pupil bites a teacher’. Rather, it is a framework for what we can do to:

prevent behaviors of concern

reward pupils who behave appropriately and

decide how to deal with behavior after careful consideration of the factors that might explain its cause.

    • Tier 3 strategies the emphasis is on using tertiary level prevention strategies which apply to pupils with extremely challenging behaviors.
    • Tier 2 consists of secondary level prevention strategies for pupils at risk of complex behaviors.
    • Tier 1 strategies are also called primary prevention strategies and are implemented across all settings within a school.


The key role of the CHILD-PBS team is to provide mentoring to all school staff in implementing the framework.

School Principal

Guidance Counselor / SAO Coordinator

Preschool Dept. Coordinator

Behavior Consultant


At BCHS, we have a catch cry among teachers and staff to “catch them (pupils) being good”. And in our commitment to acknowledge positive behavior in school, we have created our own reward system which comes on weekly, monthly and bi-annual basis. Now on its, 4th week since its launching, our “PUPILS of the WEEK” has been a favorite talk among our pupils from elementary, preschool and special intervention classes.