Principal’s Message

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The last eight years had been a rainbow of fun-filled and learning-packed experiences for Bohol Child Head Start. Not only did the number of kids grew, but also our desire to help every child heal and learn through our child-centered programs. We worked diligently with our parents and guardians, believing that our partnership with them is crucial to the holistic development of our kids. And over the years, we’re more enthralled to discover the uniqueness of every CHILD, each imbued with gifts distinct to every individual.

In Bohol Child Head Start, we believe that Intelligence is a multi-faceted gift. Emphasizing our kids’ strengths more than their weaknesses will tell them that they are somebody with something to contribute. At their young ages, we want to see them not just as confident and competent learners, but self-accepting as they realize their worth is measured not by what is lacking in them, but what is innately in them.

This is Bohol Child Head Start’s thrust— to nurture the intelligences of each child.

School Principal

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