Multiple Intelligence Ellectives

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In our desire to nurture the innate intelligences of every CHILDian, we offer elective classes for our elementary students. Taking into consideration the impressionable nature of young children— wanting something today but disliking it the next day, Grades 1-3 students are given ample opportunities to be exposed and get hands-on experience from four (4) elective classes. These are the following: Language Aficionados, Little Einstein, Artsy Craftsy, and the Glee Club. These electives aim to help the young students discover and develop what’s innate in them- their linguistic, spatial, bodily intelligence and natural curiosity.

Students from Grades 4-6, on the other hand, are expected to take their elective classes on a higher level. They are required to take one class for the entire school year and exposed themselves in training. Those who have shown propensity for their craft will be chosen to represent the school in outside competitions, such as in sports, journalism, arts and many more. Elective classes for Grades 4-6 are the following Probing Eye Patrol and Publication, Theater Guild, Young Artists and Green Thumb.


Bohol Child Head Start also offers Special Program for Sports and the Arts (SPSA) that aim to give expert and more intensive/rigorous training for students who have specific inclination and talent to music and sports. These are paid classes to be given by expert trainers in the field. They meet on scheduled basis.

SPSA includes music classes (voice coaching, guitar, violin, and piano lessons) and sports (taekwondo, table tennis, sepak takraw).


After-School Clubs are for students who want to put in more efforts to sports and other activities while they stay longer in school. After- School Clubs allow the students to have time focusing on specific skills they want to hone and develop.


Bohol Child Head Start believes that the Scouting movement is an integral part of elementary and high school life where the students can learn various life skills and leadership. Hence, the school makes it a point to include scouting in its co-curricular program for Kinder to Junior High School students. It is our hope to produce active young people who have the heart for service to the communities.