Ecobricks – The Mighty Armors For Nature’s Protection by: The Probing Eye


Each day, we are contributing to the pollution in the world. Plastics are used in many ways. We use these every day and throw them right away. Malls, food courts, and even in the streets, single use of plastics are normally practiced.

We thought that having these around makes our lives easier. Plastic cellophanes are convenient containers of almost all things. Plastic straws making drinking our favorite refreshments faster. Even our day to day food are secured in mostly in cool-looking designs plastics. Many kids, even adults, enjoy flying balloons up in the air. This activity is fun as we look up in the sky watching these colorful balloons float to the heavens above.

True, these are convenient and some are also entertaining. Sadly, after gaining these help, we also immediately dispose them. We do not think of where it goes and what dangers these may bring to Mother Nature.

Used cellophanes, wrappers, and other plastic materials clog the water canals. These solid wastes are not handled well and most, go to places and cause harm. There is even a famous video of a turtle having a hard time to breathe because of a straw that was stuck inside its nose. This is just one example but clearly, the environment is experiencing many more destruction.


As CHILDians, we begin to think of how helpful plastics truly are. They are already part of our daily activities and it is hard to stop using them. Or maybe, for now. What should we do to help heal Mother Earth and protect it from danger?

We, the the students of Bohol Child Head Start, are so thankful that we met several people who show their love for nature. Ate Tcha Pahang, a Marine Biologist now based in Australia, shared to us how plastic pollution poses grave danger to marine animals, especially the sea turtles. Also, during our (BSP-GSP Encampment), our resource speaker, Kagawad Clement Paulinel Ingking, introduced to us the Ecobrick Movement. This is one way of storing plastics and making these into something useful.




Making one ecobrick was indeed a challenge. We needed to gather several used plastics that we will place inside our 250 mL plastic bottles. Making just one ecobrick was a heavy exercise! We had to put our strength in pushing the plastic cellophanes using our wooden stick. But, it was worth it. We were able to make very strong and durable ecobricks, exactly at 200 grams each.




Aside from exercising our arm muscles, our minds and hearts were nurtured. We realized how many plastics are used and thrown without any care. With the ecobrick movement, we make sure that these plastics are stored longer. This prevents the overflow to the sea and to other areas increasing global pollution. We, the CHILDians, are excited on what the ecobricks will be made into. Many previous projects show that they were able to make chairs, tables, and even buildings out of the ecobricks.



The CHILDian community is happy in the joint effort in this green advocacy. Parents, teachers, and staff, alike helped and are learning ways to lessen plastic use. Now, we have armors—these ecobricks—that will protect and safeguard Mother Nature from further harm. If we keep doing these and becoming more caring of nature, we will still beautiful creatures enjoying our wonderful environment.


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